What Does The ‘Best Evidence’ Say About Antidepressants Side Effects?

The Serious Dangers Of Antidepressants Side Effects You NEED To Know Immediately! Antidepressants side effects and their dangerous long term consequences are hardly ever discussed by physicians when they are prescribed. According to the latest statistics, 17.3 million American adults (7.1 percent of the adult U.S. population) and 3.2 million adolescents (13.3 percent of U.S. population […]

The Dark Side Of Depression Pills Side Effects

Depression Pills Side Effects Can Be Devastating For Your Health. Do You Think It Gets Better? It Doesn’t… According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide, moreover depression pills side effects lead to even more serious health issues. And depression  increased 18% between 2005 and 2015. […]

How Sulforaphane In Broccoli May Benefit Those With Schizophrenia, Autism And Alzheimer’s

The Mind Blowing Healing Power Of Sulforaphane in Broccoli That You Wish You Had Known Earlier  Science has proven time after time that food is potent medicine and the sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts is no exception to the rule.. Broccoli, for example, has a solid scientific foundation showing it’s one of the most valuable health-promoting […]

Lou Gehrig’s Disease Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

The Things To Know On Lou Gehrig’s Disease Cause Will Surprise You   The Lou Gehrig’s disease cause is still unclear within the medical community nowadays, nonetheless this illness keeps striking at a relentless pace around the world. In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in social media. Many people, including celebrities and known […]

Unclog Arteries Fast With 10 Foods You Should Eat Daily

Insanely Handsome Super Foods You MUST Have To Unclog Arteries Fast Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide, yet there is little emphasis on disclosing tons of available proven strategies to unclog arteries fast, easy and inexpensively. As a result, the other day my dad went to see his doctor. My dad was scheduled […]

Scientists Against GMO Foods: Hear From Those Who Have Done The Research

Things Nobody Tells You About GMO Foods, The Ultimate Roadblocks To Your Health! GMO Foods and Biotechnology have long tried to paint the critics of genetic engineering as anti-science. A great effort has been made to convince the public that the majority of world’s scientists support genetic engineering.   In reality, GMO foods are heavily […]

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Sources

Easy Steps To Remove Indoor Air Pollution Sources And Live A Perfect Indoor Life  Indoor air pollution sources have been rising up since the usage of chemical products began spreading like wildfire after world war 2. Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air within the buildings and structures where you live. Understanding how […]

Kombucha Benefits: Including Gut Health, Immunity, Cancer-Fighter, And Even Helps With Weight Loss?

The Discovery Of These Mind Blowing Kombucha Benefits Will Make You Raise Your Eye Browses! That’s right. The latest health industry revelations about the amazing kombucha benefits are driving loads of health conscious people to their nearest health store to get hold of this miracle drink. I actually fell in love with the tangy, sweet/sour, […]

Meet The Top 5 Scary Symptoms Of Neurological Disorders, And How To Fix Them

Savvy Ways To Fence Yourself From Neurological Disorders And Boost Your Brain Health! Do you suffer from neurological disorders such as brain fog, depression, anxiety? Have you gained weight that you can’t lose, no matter how little you eat or how much your exercise? Do you think this is just a normal part of aging? […]

Magnesium Deficiencies Symptoms — One Of The Most Important Nutrients For Heart Health

Things Nobody Tells You About Magnesium Deficiencies Symptoms! Magnesium deficiencies symptoms are extremely common, and recent research shows even sub clinical deficiency can jeopardize your heart health. Magnesium is also important for brain health, detoxification, cellular health and function, and the optimization of your mitochondria. In short, magnesium has enormous potential to influence your health […]