Savvy Ways To Boost Your Longevity…Naturally…With These Anti-Aging Superfoods!

Let’s face it…we strive for anti-aging superfoods all of the times. Why? The thought of aging makes most of us shudder. Sure, we’ve all watched the local news broadcast, seen those interviews with amazingly spry octogenarian men and women.

They are still mentally sharp, healthy, and rise at dawn every morning to do some calisthenics.

They look into the camera and say, “Age is just a number,” or “You’re only as young as you feel.”

But we know the reason they made the news at all is because they are so rare.

What is their secret, we wonder.

Do they regularly skinny dip in the fountain of youth?

Are they just genetically superior to us mere mortals?


Or…Do they Take Anti-Aging Superfoods?

Despite what they say, they probably don’t really know the reason they have aged so well, nor do we.

Not even “experts” have known the reason people age, and why some age “better” than others. Until now.

New cutting edge clinical research studies have discovered that neurological inflammation accelerates the aging process, something that had never even been considered before.

Neurological inflammation has been shown to cause brain fog, memory lapses, low-energy, depression, trouble focusing and anxiety.

Be honest now

Don’t those symptoms sound like the gradual winding down of a life well lived?

If you complain about these symptoms to your friends — or even your doctor — they will probably not be alarmed. They’ll likely consider it normal for someone “your age.”

That’s really insulting because not only does their attitude marginalize you and your physical and emotional feelings, but it also says that you should “live with it,” that nothing can be done for you.

And if you’re like most people, you probably sigh in resignation, accepting the gradual but inevitable spiral down into the infirmities of old age, until you take your last raspy breath.

The Fear of Aging

Gerascophobia is the clinical term for fear of aging. It is not just a little anxiety, but an incessant fear, a phobia, against growing older.

Although few people fit the clinical definition of gerascophobia, everybody has some ambivalence about it, especially as they reach the watershed ages of 39, 49, and 59.

And nobody, except children, actually want to grow older. And who can blame them?

In our society, getting older is not depicted as a good thing. We are taught, in a very subtle way, that youth is better, old age is not. Take a look at some of our teachers.


Hollywood has never been kind to its aging stars (although it’s getting better.)

It was especially cruel to its leading ladies, who often found themselves relegated to small roles the minute they turned 30.

Joan Crawford. Bette Davis. Rosalind Russell.

These icons of Hollywood’s golden age had to fight ruthlessly for good film roles after they lost that dewy youthful skin.

Today, it is not unusual for actresses in their 50s, 60s, and 70s to still be leading ladies.

Indeed, Diane Keaton has starred in more films since she waved goodbye to 50 than she ever had when she was younger.

Still…older actresses say it’s a struggle for them to find good film roles.


Advertising is filled with beautiful young women and men, which sends a subtle message that young is FUN.

It is better to be young than old.

True, there are older men and women on television and print advertisements, but they are outnumbered by all the young things selling everything from cars to jewelry to perfumes to makeup.

And you’ll rarely see an older magazine or runway model, even today.

The modelling industry still demands its models to be youthful and thin and sexy, and being older doesn’t fit into that neat little package.

Ageism of Society

And the mass media has undoubtedly also influenced an attitude of ageism in our society.

Ageism is a prejudice based on a person’s age. It leads to both conscious and subconscious discrimination.

Ageism causes older people to lose jobs (or not be hired for jobs); it causes them to be treated differently — and not in a good way — by their doctors;

It even, according to the American Psychological Association, affects their mental health care, as their therapists often view them as “unable to change.”

Knowing that you’re at an age that you could be a target of ageism makes you feel vulnerable; it hurts your self-esteem, and it may even be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After all, if you expect to be weak and senile and sickly as you age, your body will oblige.

You may then spend your last days in a nursing home, when none of this was really necessary.

The Effects of Aging

And then there are the actual, observable effects of aging.

It is a known fact that your risk factor for almost every disease increases with age.




Here are just a few of them.

– Heart disease
– Cancers
– Osteoporosis
– Diabetes
– Alzheimer’s
– Dementia
– Osteoarthritis
– Hypertension
– Cataracts
– Hearing Loss
– Glaucoma
– Fatigue
– Confusion
– Depression
– Infirmity

There is also muscle loss/wasting, weakness, skin wrinkling, age spots, and on and on it goes.

No wonder nobody wants to get old, and some people are even gerascophobic!

The sad part is that we’ve accepted these as normal parts of aging for so long, that we never question it.

But it’s not.

Instead, research is showing that, although you must get older, you need not age.

Although there is a genetic component to aging and the diseases that come with it, you yourself can control how you age.

You see, it is neurological inflammation and hormonal imbalances that cause true aging; stop and reverse those two conditions, and you can reverse the aging process.

Now that you finally know the secret to creating a genuine “fountain of youth,” what should you do with this knowledge?

There are many methods you can use to reverse neurological inflammation and hormonal imbalances, but there is one that is more powerful than almost everything else: anti-aging super nutrients.

There are four anti-aging superfoods that you can start using today to reverse the aging process.  Are you ready to get started?

Are You Getting Enough Anti-Aging Superfoods?

Anti-Aging SuperfoodsChronically low levels of brain-boosting nutrients have been proven to be one of the biggest causes of neurological inflammation.

These nutrients have proven to be effective at reducing the symptoms of aging — such as fatigue, depression, and brain fog — and they are perfectly safe for you to take.

And they are essential for reducing brain inflammation and reversing the aging process.

Sure, things like eating a SANE diet, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep help, but they cannot optimize your neural health the way anti-aging super nutrients can. 

Anti-Aging Superfoods You Need Today!

Here are the four anti-aging super nutrients that will help reduce neurological inflammation and age you in reverse!


Anti-Aging SuperfoodsFolate, also known as folic acid and vitamin B9, is a hugely important nutrient that your body needs to function properly.

It is crucial for cell growth, metabolism and fetal development.

It also supports the nervous system and immune function and is necessary for synthesizing DNA.

Folate is an essential vitamin that the body does not make.

This means It must come from the diet, and research indicates many people may be deficient in this nutrient.

It was also found that folate deficiency affects cognition and mood. Even more so as we increase in age.

Researchers now believe folate deficiency could be responsible for one of the fastest growing neurological diseases in America: Alzheimer’s.

Folate could be the miracle cure for this devastating disease.

You’re probably thinking, at this point, that eating more folate-rich foods will reverse any folate deficiency and possibly cure Alzheimer’s and other neurological and mood disorders.

Right? Well…it does make sense.

There are many foods that contain anti-aging super nutrients such as folate. Here are a few of the best sources of folate:

– Spinach
– Asparagus
– Romaine Lettuce
– Avocado
– Broccoli

Unfortunately, you could eat serving upon serving of folate-rich foods and still have a deficiency of this nutrient. Why?

Folate: One of the Anti-Aging Super Nutrients you May Not be Able to Absorb

Your body must convert folic acid and folate from foods into 5-MTHF before it can use it.

The enzyme MTHFR is required to do this, and researchers have discovered that many people do not produce an adequate or effective amount of this enzyme.

Those who do have enough MTHFR are likely not getting enough folate because the folate content in food is lost rapidly during processing.


Anti-Aging SuperfoodsCitocoline is another one of the anti-aging super nutrients that is critical to brain health.

It supports the health of mitochondria, the part of the cells that create energy in your brain.

Research has found that choline, the predecessor of citocoline, is essential for proper neurotransmitter function.

Researchers from the University of Oslo found that reduced levels of choline negatively impacted cognitive function.

If levels of choline and folate were both low, it tripled the risk of cognitive problems, such as brain fog and forgetfulness.

Citicoline is another one of those anti-aging super nutrients in which many people are deficient.

To get enough of this nutrient, you would have to eat over a dozen eggs a day, which is probably why researchers at the University of North Carolina found that 90 percent of the population are deficient.

If you would like to reap the brain-boosting benefits of this nutrient, it is best to take citicoline and folate together.


Anti-Aging SuperfoodsCoQ10 is one of the most important anti-aging superfoods you can take.

So, CoQ10 lives in your mitochondria, the area that energizes your cells.

It destroys free radicals and helps produce energy in every cell in your body, especially your heart and brain.

Though CoQ10 is abundant in liver, beef, sardines, mackerel and more, many people are also deficient in this nutrient.

CoQ10 deficiency can cause heart disease, neurological disorders, fibromyalgia and more.

There are plenty of CoQ10 supplements available; however, some supplements are not as effective as others.

When choosing a CoQ10 supplement, make sure it’s extremely bio-available, has guaranteed absorption, and 24-hour timed release delivering a steady supply of this nutrient in your system.


Anti-Aging SuperfoodsL-carnitine is an amino acid that moves fatty acids into our cells to be used as energy.

In fact, it is the only molecule in our cells with the ability to do that. If you run low on carnitine, then, you may suffer heart arrhythmia and muscle loss.

Though many foods contain carnitine — such as chicken, ground beef, cheddar cheese and codfish — many people are deficient.

(The early stages of an carnitine deficiency can lead to extremely low blood sugar, which can eventually turn into pre-diabetes.)

Supplementing with carnitine does provide many benefits.

Research has shown it helps people burn more fat.

One major study also showed that supplementing with carnitine reduced mortality from all causes following a heart attack.

Researchers have found that combining CoQ10 and carnitine, in the right doses, maximizes mental health and anti-aging benefits.

That makes sense because carnitine brings the fuel into the cells and CoQ10 sets it on fire (so to speak) to create the energy your cells need.

Bottom line…Don’t fret the age stuff. It’s almost totally within your control!



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