Chairman Riyaale with his not too publicised records!

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Developed Marriage ceremonies

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At the among the many host I’m managing the hltv procedure timed away since it requires too much time to connect to new servers.

To the begin hltv begin a beneficial proces towards linux and connects in order to the latest servers. The fresh linux proces is hooking up on the hlds cs 1.6 machine, offers up after a couple of moments and you will kills the brand new proces alone. New hltv eg regarding the cs step 1.6 host is waiting to talk with this new proces and you will timed out shortly after a minute or more.

In order to partially solve this I have lay “bed ten” regarding linux startup script: they initiate hlds, hold off ten mere seconds upcoming start hltv. It performs prime but with the map transform.

Elder Affiliate Signup Go out: Location: Argentina, Bs.Because. 03-16-2019 , Re: HLTV techniques timeout shortly after map alter Junior Member Sign up Big date: 03-18-2019 , Re: HLTV process timeout after map transform

Really guy is not a beneficial HLDS state, the brand new variety of Steam HLTV fully grasp this insect, they crashes to your chart changes.

The best choice is have fun with ReHLDS (New HLTV that is included with ReHLDS), do the installation various other folder it does performs primary, not any longer crashes.

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